Increased Precautions We're Taking in Response to COVID-19

LAST UPDATED ON 03/15/2021

As updates on the impact of the coronavirus continue to be released, we want to take a moment to inform you of the heightened preventative measures we have put in place at Mount Carmel Behavioral Health to keep our patients, their families, and our employees safe. All efforts are guided by and in adherence to the recommendations distributed by the CDC.

Please note that for the safety of our patients, their families, and our staff, there are certain restrictions in place regarding on-site visitation at Mount Carmel Behavioral Health.

  • These restrictions have been implemented in compliance with updated corporate and state regulations to further reduce the risks associated with COVID-19.
  • Options for telehealth visitation are continuously evaluated so that our patients can remain connected to their loved ones.
  • Alternate methods of communication for other services may be offered when deemed clinically appropriate.

For specific information regarding these changes and limitations, please contact us directly.

CDC updates are consistently monitored to ensure that all guidance followed is based on the latest information released.

  • All staff receives ongoing infection prevention and control training.
  • Thorough disinfection and hygiene guidance is provided.
  • Patient care supplies such as masks and hand sanitizer are monitored and utilized.
  • Temperature and symptom screening protocols are in place for all patients and staff.
  • Social distancing strategies have been implemented to ensure that patients and staff maintain proper distance from one another at all times.
  • Cleaning service contracts have been reviewed for additional support.
  • Personal protective equipment items are routinely checked to ensure proper and secure storage.
  • CDC informational posters are on display to provide important reminders on proper infection prevention procedures.

The safety of our patients, their families, and our employees is our top priority, and we will remain steadfast in our efforts to reduce any risk associated with COVID-19.

The CDC has provided a list of easy tips that can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and then immediately dispose of the tissue.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that are frequently touched.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care.

For detailed information on COVID-19, please visit

Preferred Columbus, OH, Treatment Center for Mental Health Disorders, Treating Symptoms & Side Effects

Mount Carmel Behavioral Health provides comprehensive care for adults who have been struggling with mental health challenges. Our 80-bed mental health treatment center is easily accessible from communities in and around the Columbus, Ohio, area.

What Is a Mental Health Treatment Center?

Discover the types of disorders that are treated in our mental health treatment center in Columbus, Ohio

A mental health treatment center is a supportive location where individuals can receive professional care for a wide range of concerns related to mental health disorders.

At Mount Carmel Behavioral Health, we provide comprehensive care for adult men and women whose lives have been disrupted by mental health disorders and related issues. Our inpatient program accepts adults age 18 and above who have been struggling with mental health challenges such as the following:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all the mental health concerns that we treat at Mount Carmel Behavioral Health. All admissions decisions to our mental health treatment center in Columbus, Ohio, are made on an individual basis following a detailed assessment of each prospective patient’s unique needs and goals.

If you or someone you care about has been experiencing mental health issues, please contact us today. Our consultation and assessment services are offered free of charge and without obligation. Also, if at any point we determine that you or your loved one will be better served by another provider, we can provide referrals to other mental health treatment centers in the Columbus, Ohio, area.

What Happens in a Mental Health Treatment Center?

Learn about the features of care in our mental health treatment center in Columbus, Ohio

When you enter a mental health treatment center, your experience will be determined by a variety of factors, such as your needs and the capabilities of the facility where you’re receiving care.

If you choose Mount Carmel Behavioral Health, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in inpatient mental health treatment. Our inpatient programming features round-the-clock care and an array of intensive services to help you achieve stabilization.

Depending upon your needs, the following elements may be included in your personalized inpatient plan at our mental health treatment center in Columbus, Ohio:

  • Medical care – One of the many benefits of receiving mental health care at Mount Carmel Behavioral Health is that our staff includes medical professionals who can provide certain general services without having to refer you to another provider.
  • Medication management – Many mental health disorders can be treated with prescription medications. If we determine that you can benefit from this service, we’ll include medication management in your customized mental health plan.
  • Individual therapy – One-on-one sessions with a member of your team can be extremely beneficial while you’re recovering from a mental health challenge. Individual therapy is a confidential environment where you can receive focused feedback from an experienced professional.
  • Group therapy – You’ll have the opportunity to take part in multiple groups during your time at our mental health treatment center. Groups offer excellent opportunities to learn about important mental health issues and develop the skills that will empower you to achieve sustained progress.
  • Family therapy – Your friends and family members can also be sources of great support during and after your time at Mount Carmel Behavioral Health. Family therapy helps you and your loved ones discover improved ways of communicating with and caring for each other.
  • Experiential therapies – Experiential therapies allow you to explore your feelings, express your emotions, and view your challenges from new perspectives. Experiential therapies can also help you develop healthier ways of dealing with stress or other negative experiences.

Most people remain in our inpatient mental health program for about five to seven days, after which they either return home or step down to a less intensive level of care. The amount of time that you spend at Mount Carmel Behavioral Health will be determined by your team based on your needs and progress.

As you near the end of your time in inpatient care at our mental health treatment center in Columbus, Ohio, you’ll receive a detailed discharge plan. This plan will connect you with the resources that will help you maintain and build upon the progress you made at Mount Carmel Behavioral Health.

How to Choose a Mental Health Treatment Center

Find the local mental health treatment center in Columbus, Ohio, that’s right for you or your loved one

Finding the ideal local mental health treatment center in Columbus, Ohio, for yourself or a loved one can be a complex challenge. To reduce your stress and increase your ability to make the best decisions, please consider the following:

  • First, it’s important to identify the full scope of your mental health needs, or your loved one’s needs if you’re trying to find care for a friend or family member. Finding the right program is a matter of locating the mental health treatment center that is the best fit for you or your loved one. Understanding your needs is an essential step in the effort to find the center that can meet those needs.
  • Next, you want to be sure that you understand your options. Mental health care can be conducted at several levels. It can take part in both inpatient and outpatient environments and can consist of a broad range of therapies and services. Your goal when researching mental health treatment centers in Columbus, Ohio, will be to find the ones that offer the types and levels of care that are right for you or your loved one.
  • Consulting with experts can help you understand your needs and ensure that you’re aware of your options. If you have a family doctor, or if you’re already participating in traditional outpatient counseling, these can be ideal sources of the information you need. Local advocacy organizations or support groups may also be able to assist you.
  • When you’ve identified one or more promising mental health treatment centers in Columbus, Ohio, contact them directly to learn more. Any reputable mental health care provider will be happy to answer all your questions, arrange for you to visit the facility, and otherwise ensure that you have the details you need to make the best choice.

When you break this process down to its core components, you’ll see that finding the best mental health treatment center for yourself or a loved one is a matter of getting the information you need, connecting with trusted individuals who can help you, and making the choices that best align with your goals and preferences.

To learn more about choosing a mental health treatment center in Columbus, Ohio, or for answers to any questions you have about Mount Carmel Behavioral Health, please contact us at your convenience. A member of our team is available to speak with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We look forward to providing you with the information you need so that you can make the most beneficial decision for yourself or your loved one.

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